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Dramatis Personae

Aideen Laigain, 32, daughter of Domnall & Liadan, Commodore of Province Squadron.

Aife Luachra, 45, chief of the Fighters of Macroom.

Arvel Rhydderch, 50’s, Welsh horse-master

Bethia MacLaren, 15, native of Belfast.

Bradaigh Cumain, 15, fort sentry, later aide to Conor

Bram Fotharta, 31, son of Gorman and Etain, captain in the Line of Blades.

Brennan Cennedi, 24, cousin of Gwen, lives in Tralee.

Brigid Auteini, 45, Bosun of the Caillech.

Collen Tredinnick, 54, father of Richard, Admiral, Kernow Fleet.

Conor Laigain, 28, son of Domnall & Liadan; poet, captain in the Line of Blades.

Derdre Dal Reti, 20, archer in the Line of Bows.

Doireanne Loigde, Pub owner, Baihle Mhurain.

Domnall Laigain, deceased, husband of Liadan, died in battle PY 987.

Dunlaith Dal Reti 42, mother of Derdre, Captain in the Line of Bows.

Eavan Sechnaill, 47. Weapons Master of the Caillech.

Edwina Auteini, 20, Ensign of the Caillech.

Eimhin Finguine, 72, old friend of Uinseann’s.

Etain Fotharta, 54, daughter of Rionach, seat on the Council of Twenty.

Fethnaid Laigain, 18, daughter of Domnall and Liadan, archer in the Line of Bows.

Finnsech Cholmain, 38, Sailing Master of the Caillech.

Gilvarry Muiredarg, 40’s, representative of the western clans.

Gorman Fotharta, 53, husband of Etain.

Gwen Ceneddi, 21, native of Fahamore Town near Tralee.

Hagan Osraige, 54, husband of Niamh.

Ionhar Raithlinn, 25, fighter in the Line of Blades, native of Creagh, near Skibbereen.

Jilleen Conmaicne, 25, Captain of the Wexford.

Keegan Cholmain 24, fighter in the Line of Blades.

Kellen Fotharta, 24, son of Gorman and Etain, captain in the Line of Blades, later field army Line of Blades commander.

Kennat Gailenga, 34, Captain of the Morrigan.

Kensa Velnowarth, 20, Ensign of the Caillech.

Liadan Laigain, 52, wife of Domnall, poet, seat on the Council of Twenty.

Mairin Fotharta, 28, daughter of Gorman and Etain, senior captain, Province Squadron.

Melvina Eogain, 30, Captain in the Line of Bows, later field army Line of Bows commander.

Midir Cormaic, 41, captain of the Tralee Militia.

Mor Dal Reti, 41, father of Derdre, surgeon of the Caillech.

Murel Felmeda, 25, Vaughn’s wife.

Niamh Osraige, 53, nee Niamh Conmaicne, cousin to Padraic and Liadan.

Oran Osraige, 28, son of Hagan and Niamh, scout, explorer, rank of army captain.

Padraic Conmaicne, 53, brother of Liadan, commanding general of the Province Army.

Rainait Phelan, 40’s, representative of the western clans.

Richard Tredinnick, 30, Captain of the Ajax, Kernow Fleet.

Rionach Bairrche, 68, wife of Uinseann, mother of Etain, seat on the Council of Twenty.

Rowenna Briuin, 22, Second (then First) Officer of the Caillech.

Seanlaoch Osraige, 24, son of Hagan and Niamh, scholar, historian, writer.

Sinea Danaan, 24, First Officer of the Caillech.

Sithmaith Laigain, 19, Ensign, then Second Officer of the Caillech.

Tierney Ulaid, 38, Captain of the Rosc Catha.

Trev Fiachrach, 12, master player of the warpipes, composer

Triona Bairrche, 28, second cousin of Kellen, physician in training, lives in Wexford.

Uinseann Laigain, 70, father of Domnall, husband of Rionach, High Elder, philosopher.

Vaughn Maeluidir, 25, Clan Cuirenrige


Aodhan Saithne, 15.

Beacan and Bronach, Aodhan’s twin brothers.

Cara, Aodhan’s sister.

Duana Saithne, Aodhan’s mother

Father Faolin, priest

Flann Latharna, 14, Aodhan’s friend

Gordain Tuascirt, 16, Aodhan’s friend

Kieran Aradh, 12, Aodhan’s friend

Yvone Fergusa, 15, Aodhan’s friend/lover


Agurne Ganborena, High Council Secretary

Erramun D'Etcheverry, The Caudillo

Frantzisko Arostegi, D'Etcheverry’s political advisor

Joseba Bastegieta, Admiral of the Santander fleet

Katalin Lurrieta, old friend of Joseba’s

Mikel Bastegieta, Joseba’s son

Sendoa and Usua, Joseba’s daughters

Terese Bastegieta, Joseba’s wife

Belfast/Ghaoth Aduaidh:

Bethia MacLaren, 15

Eithne, Bethia’s deceased sister

Lucharba, Bethia’s father

Miach Ciannachta, general of the Ghaoth Aduaidh

RyAnn MacLaren, Bethia’s mother

Sloane, Bethia’s older brother

Tormaigh, Bethia’s younger brother


Bethia: Vengeance, gelding

Conor: Treasach, stallion

Derdre: Ewerich, mare

Feth: Ioan, gelding

Gwen: Wledyr, mare

Ionhar: Breasal, drafthorse, gelding

Keegan: Comhghall, gelding

Kellen: Kiara, mare

Laigains Abby, old mare

Liadan: Joseph, gelding

Oran: Seara, mare

Padraic: Alastar, stallion

Seanloach: Parlan, gelding