Let Us Sing Together of Old Times

In Chapter 35 of Eirelan, Gwen tells her friends a chilling story that involves a song about a girl who had a baby but no husband. She went to her father’s house for shelter and he turned her away into the cold night, so she and her child died in the snow. That song is "The Fanaid Grove," an old Irish ballad originating in County Donegal. I have recorded that song - the mp3 file is below.

Other songs in the book are also well-known today. The Welsh lullaby “All Through the Night” could easily survive the centuries, alongside the ballad “Turn, Turn, Turn” by Pete Seeger. The people of the Province, like their present-day counterparts, love music and love to sing and dance. While many things change, some endure through the ages.

The Fanaid Grove.mp3