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The Great Saga of the Latter Day Celts

Eirelan is the first of at least six books set in this time and place. The sequel to Eirelan is entitled In the Bleak Midwinter and will cover events during the bitter winter just beginning at the end of Eirelan. Two more books will be needed to complete the great struggle of this time period. In another book I plan to regress to the time of Uinseann and Rionach's younger days, before and during the onset of the Five Long Winters. The sequel to that book will feature the great Domnall Laigain, Conor's father, his courtship and marriage to Liadan and his ultimately fatal battle to save his people from destruction.

Throughout these books, I will also tell the stories of Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany, and in some measure of the various adversaries that war against the latter-day Celts.