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Seanlaoch and Fethnaid

A Pronunciation Guide for Given Names

The phonetic suggestions below reflect the “common Gaelic” used in Province Year 999. Common Gaelic’s pronunciations are not identical to those of earlier Celtic languages such as “ancient Gaelic” or “ancient Cornish” used in the Age of Machines. Names that sound somewhat close to their English equivalents (such as Conor, Richard, Collen, Arvel, and Jilleen) are not covered.

Aichlinn           ACHE-lin

Aodhagan        AY-gawn

Aodhan            AY-dawn

Aonghas          ANG-gus

Areinh             Ah-REEN

Beathag           BEE-hahg

Bradaigh         BRAW-dy

Breasal            BREE-sul

Caemgen         KEEM-gen

Comhghall      KAWM-hall

Cumhaill         KU-mawl

Eibhear           EE-vear

Eimhin            Eh-VEEN

Eochaid          EH-kid

Faolin             FOH-lin

Feidlimid       FED-li-mid

Fethnaid        FAY-nid

Guaire            GWAR

Guinnein       Gu-NEEN

Iarlaith          YAR-lih

Ioan                Yo-an

Ionhar           YO-ver

Keondric       KEN-dric

Liadan           LY-uh-dan

Mairin           Mah-REEN

Meadhbh      Mawd

Meig               Meg

Naomham    NIGH-vam

Niamh           NEE-av

Padraic         PAH-drig

Rainait          RAN-ay

Ruanaidh     RU-nigh

Seanlaoch    SHAWN-lake

Seosaimhthin    So-SAV-tin

Sinea             Shi-NAY

Sithmaith    SHE-may

Taicligh        TAK-lid

Tearlag         TEER-lawg

Toireasa       To-REE-sah

Tomaisin      To-MAW-sin

Tormaigh     TOR-my

Treasach      TREE-shach

Uinseann     WIN-shen

Wledyr          LED-eer